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I'm not sure if anyone's around at the moment- we're having a bit of 'downtime' (God I hate office speak) as various Flyers are taking holidays; Waz has just come back from Montego Bay, and is off to Sorrento tonight (or something equally jealousy-inducing), Martin's in Sydney for three weeks and I'm off to Berlin for a long weekend on Thursday. So, we're at a loose end. Thankfully for you, I'm not going to indulge in any rants about domesticity or somesuch (other than to let you know that I'm falling in love with Joni Mitchell- Miles Of Aisles is a beacon of what live albums can achieve), but just to let you know that we're looking forward to our next stint of gigs and other activities. It's a challenge to have the first one only a few days after our first rehearsal in nearly a month, but it's good to be on our toes.

The only downer is we're pretty sure that the 28th January is going to be Dan's last gig with us; I'm hoping we can get another one in December and a couple in January and early February before we lose him to his world travels in February/ March, so if you know of any or want to play with us, get in touch. And before any of you start to worry, we've got a stand-in lined up, though it'll be hard to part with one of our songwriters and close mates. Expect some St. Hubbins - Tufnel gags to be aired at some point.

But, before that there's plenty to look forward to. Principally, we're recording a single. Yes we are. On lovely delightful vinyl, of an undetermined colour. We've pretty much unanimously decided on the A-side (care to make a guess?) and we're mulling over the options for either B-sides or double A-side tracks, how many, who can help us etc. Any suggestions or recommendations for anything are, as always, very welcome.

So, onward and upward. Waz and I both have four new songs each; three are complete or nearly complete, I play drums on another and another has overtones of classic Blur. Not complaining at that! We'll try and get a few of them in at the new shows, so pay attention!


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Dan said...

Touching words.

Any news on Auerbach?

Miles of Aisles? Good grief.