Brixton Gig

On Monday night we performed our 2nd gig… it was another excellent night and thanks to everyone for turning up, cheering when we came on, applauding every song and saying nice things to us afterwards. Generally I think it went really well, I personally played a lot better than at the first gig which was great. I was also a lot less nervous this time and made an effort not to spend the whole night staring at my feet & guitar!

Despite the success of our performance, however, the highlight of the night for me was seeing Saturday Looks Good To Me who were quite simply awesome. I hadn’t heard much of them before Monday night but they were truly brilliant. This made me realise that being in a band is also a great way to see some fantastic bands for free, which can’t be bad.

There are some great photo’s of the night on the HDIF website for your perusal:

And here are some secret bonus photo’s of The Gresham Flyers!!!


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