That was a great first gig. I've not played live with a band before, and it was nerve-wracking at first, but I really enjoyed it. It has been pointed out to me that the one way to ensure a big turnout is to get a 6-piece band to play their debut gig and bring all their friends, and perhaps we'll never have quite that atmosphere again, but let's not be negative. It was a fantastic night.

I'm extremely proud that Mark Hibbett from M.J.Hibbett and the Validators and Mark from the Lucksmiths liked us. People called Mark seem to like us, actually. Anyway, to have people I've bought albums by, which I've played endlessly in my bedroom, telling me they were impressed by my band has truly made my week. I can only hope next Monday's gig gets the same reaction.

So thanks to everyone who turned up, cheered, ensured that we got paid etc. By our reckoning it was a generally good performance with a few minor fuck-ups, and hopefully we've got more in the tanks. We have more tunes on the way, too. See some of you again at one of the next few gigs, hopefully.


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Mr Hibbett has blogged his opinions of the night at www.mjhibbett.net