"I'm just double-tracking the maracas"

Hello again!

I’m working on the premise that more news is good news and should at least keep you interested, dear reader. If I’m writing too much, let me know.

There’s not a lot going on visibly, but behind the scenes, things are going into overdrive. Firstly, we’re waiting for confirmation of our next gig, which will mark the stage debut of The Gresham Flyers Mk. II. I’ll know more by the end of the week, so keep checking back. We’ve settled on a setlist now which is a mix of the ‘classics’ and newer stuff and is apparently ‘very pop’ according to Andrew.

Also of interest is news that the most recent recordings are finished. Due to horrendous traffic and studio nerves, we ran over time on Thursday so were left with very thin-sounding unmixed versions of Blackpool and Plastic Bag (we didn't have time for Theme... and since Kerry couldn't make it to the studio, there seemed little point in doing it). Sharon, Martin, John and I went back to the studio last night to polish the tunes up and add sundry percussion parts- handclaps, tambourines, double tracked maracas all went on and spiced the track up no end. Sharon doubled her vocals, and John added a few harmonies. The largest offender was my own backing vocal on Blackpool, which was hurriedly added at the end of the initial session. I could ascribe the horrendous results to nerves at being in front of a vocal microphone for the first time, and under considerable pressure, but even so it’s taught me to damn well practice singing before doing something like that. In the event, part of it was useable enough to paste over the woeful parts and it sounds okay now. But listening to the original in isolation and on the rough mix is akin to walking naked into a room full of strangers. Ouch. However, the experience hasn’t dissuaded us from doing it all again, so the next studio session is booked for late April.

A late arrival for today's news is our radio debut! We received an email from The Unofficial Student Internet Radio for Greenwich, who apparently downloaded Falling Down from our Myspace page and played it on the 51º North show last Sunday. You can download the show from the site above- just choose show #9 from the 12th March. We're played third apparently. Anyone who heard it- your views are most welcome!

On the social side, last weekend was significant for two ex-Gresham Flyers. Our former keyboard/ sax/ bass player (and now chief Flyerette) Jess Shaw got married in a lovely ceremony in Shifnal (which I’m told is near Telford), and is now Mrs. Andrew Rowson. Sharon, Andrew and myself represented the Flyers, and Sharon has posted a detailed account of the day on her blog, and hopefully will put some more nice pictures of the day on her Flickr account. Congrats to Jess and Andrew! In other news, Dan made the brave first step of his travels on Sunday, and has a fantastic, insightful blog which everyone should watch for updates.

Lastly, the single is being pressed for sure. We apparently have artwork issues to sort out, but I assume that means that everything else is going smoothly. I’m counting the days!

More news as it comes in, but for now that’s yer lot.


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And I finally got my new drumkit. Hooray!