Phil Collins would be dead jealous.

Hurrah! Against no odds at all, people still took a look at us yesterday at the Windmill in Brixton; a highly enjoyable gig for all concerned, with no disasterous wrongdoing on anyone's part and a lot of good fun. Fortuna POP!'s bigwig, head honcho, grand fromage, el presidente etc Sean Price was kind enough to put the Flyers on slap bang in the middle of a Fortuna-fest, and it was only fair of us to repay his kindness with a decent set, notable of course for Sister Kerry's first Flyers outing. Anyone of less fortitude would have crumbled under the pressure, but the Flyers' latest addition displayed nerves of steel, and pushed us forward, making us play as well as we ever had. Well enough even for random people to approach us after the gig and say what a great drummer we have. Hurrah again!

Alongside a few classic oldies, we debuted three new songs; two from Brother John and one from Brother Martin, all of which went over well. We dropped Pretty But Not Beautiful from the set for the first (and probably only) time, since some people noted its' absence, and voiced complaints. Instead, we closed with John's F.R.M.- this went down well enough to have people coming up and asking if it was available yet. We take this to be a good thing and may have to push it ahead in the recording schedule. Meanwhile, three older songs have been dropped, and one or two may not return…if you miss Suits, Plastic Bag or Blackpool, let us know and we'll think about rehearsing them again.

I even managed to sneak behind the decks to spin a few choice choons, and though it no doubt outraged every attendee to be subjected to 'Come On Plane' by Silver Feet (aka 10cc), I hope that the rest of the tunes (Dexys, Deerhoof- yes, Deerhoof- Architecture In Helsinki, The Move's 'Fire Brigade', 'Statue Of Liberty' by XTC etc) made up for it.

Looking forward, the single is to be delivered shortly, and we were thinking about having a party when it does arrive. After all, people have parties when they have babies, and since this particular child has been the subject of a tumultous gestation, it deserves a welcoming celebration. A celebration of sorts, with live music, DJ sets and a free copy of the single to all attendees. So, here's a challenge for you, dear reader:

If we were to play a cover version, what would you want us to play? Obviously Run To The Hills would be top of the list, but there must be some others…let us know in the comments!

We're back in the recording studio next weekend to make some more beautiful music, aided as ever by the magic fingers of Mr. Simon Trought. Falling Down and Student Nurse are the two nominations to be immortalized forever on the 21st-century equivalent of magnetic tape. In June we'll put down Pretty But Not Beautiful and that'll then be our original set recorded in full, bar Dan's song Carefree, which we never finished. You'll also be pleased to know that alongside the single, another of our recent recordings will soon be available to buy. I can't reveal any more right now, but when it's out, I'll let you know…

Brother Thom

P.S. Nottingham residents; what better way to spend the end-of-May bank holiday than watching us play at Junktion 7 with Pete Green, Scarlet Tuesday Lardpony? Be there!


Sarahdorman said...

not plastic bag :(

Sarah said...

I seem to remember Suits being ok (my memory fails me at this time of the morning), but definitely bring back Blackpool. Not to sound offensive or anything, but it's better than the new songs and I think you're insane to drop it!

Congrats on a successful gig with the new line up, by the way and hello Kerry!