A Christmas Gift To You from The Gresham Flyers

It's that time of year again, and in celebration of our superb 2009 (with an even better 2010 promised), we've decided to offer up a small gift in the shape of our two previous Christmas songs; Diamond White Christmas (from 2007's A Very Cherry Christmas, Vol. 3) and Perfect Christmas Snow (Perfect Christmas Kiss) (from the 2008 followup A Very Cherry Christmas, Vol. 4). Since the songs are quite long, and our MySpace player wouldn't be able to handle them in a decent quality bit rate, we've put them here.

The songs:
Diamond White Christmas was written by John, and originally recorded by his band The Milburns as part of a Christmas EP from 2003. That version featured our dear friend Tricia Stubberfield on the female vocal part. The Flyers version was recorded in 2007 and was the first thing we did in our five-man configuration (and James's first recording with us). We spent n whole day doing it, and most of us think it's one of our finest moments.

James: 1st Drums, Choirboy
John: Lead Vocals, Guitar, 2nd Drums, Glockenspiel, Choirboy
Sharon: Lead Vocals, Melodica, Choirgirl
Martin: Guitar, Choirboy
Thom: Bass, Guitar, 3rd Drums, E-Bow Bass, E-Bow Guitar, Hammond, Rhodes, Tambourine, Bells, Choirboy
Simon Trought: Producer, Choirboy
Elisabetta Pezzaioli: Choirgirl

Perfect Christmas Snow (Perfect Christmas Kiss) was written by Thom as a tale of a romantic Christmas Eve rendezvous at a suburban railway station, and a heartbroken ex-lover looking on. Once again we spent a whole day making this (although we might have recorded our cover of Magic on the same day; no-one can quite remember), and the result is another festive epic (complete with the sound of Diamond White Christmas over a shopping precint PA on the intro). The mandolin sound is part of the Acoustic Guitar Orchestra; this was three guitars played by Martin, John and Thom, and triple-tracked to give a full nine guitars. It was written specifically so that all three singing Flyers could take a verse an chorus, and thus is James's first released vocal.

John: First Vocal, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Orchestra, Choirboy
Sharon: Second Vocal, Keyboard, Choirgirl
James: Third Vocal, Drums, Sleighbells, Choirboy
Thom: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Orchestra, Rhodes, Sleighbells, Glockenspiel, Choirboy
Martin: Tremolo Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Orchestra, Choirboy
Elisabetta Pezzaioli: Choirgirl
Kate Turner: Choirgirl

Anyway, if you enjoy these, please have a look for our new Christmas song Mistletoe Misadventure, written and sung by James (who also plays all the brass band parts) on A Very Cherry Christmas, Vol. 5.

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