Day Eighteen: Bar by bar.

Anticipation is brewing. On Friday at midday, I'm heading up to Studio Klank to start the first pro recording for the album. I've never recorded on my own, but since Friday is a day off for me, I have time to kill constructing a song that would be too time-consuming to teach everyone else, especially since there's programmed drums (something entirely new for us again) and mostly synthesisers.

It doesn't have a title, but I've sat down and pretty much worked it out bar by bar. Hopefully Andy (whose day job is part of the brilliant Wintergreen, a band who we played with at our first ever gig) will be a guiding hand in putting the whole thing together. Even better is that I won't have to lug aything more than an e-bow and a couple of FX pedals with me. Bless 'im.

Proper recording with the band starts tomorrow. Today's session is an apertif for the main course. God, I'm excited.

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