Day Twenty-Six: Mopping up

Wheew. I've spent the last five hours sat in front of my laptop, playing one of the tracks over and over again. I've been pretty good at finishing off songs that I've written, and wouldn't mind having a go at the words for someone else's, but the track known as The Hold Steady One (which, incidentally, now sounds nothing like The Hold Steady) has found me shorn of inspiration. But after a breakthrough last night, it's now finished. It's now called Sunglasses & Shorts, and it's a reminder that the summer will come eventually, and when it does, it'll be glorious.

Today's also been a success in terms of artwork; I got a Holga for Christmas, and have been snapping at random things throughout February, and getting through reels pretty quickly. Sadly, most of my efforts have been pretty terrible, if not totally pathetic, but I struck lucky with four or five pictures that could work as album covers. John prefers the shot of Canary Wharf and the Docklands from my apartment window, Martin likes the cranes and construction site just outside Ealing. Either way, the grainy texture of the photos make them suitably rough-and-ready, which suits the feel. Martin's printing them all out and bringing them in for us to decide tomorrow.

Incidentally, tomorrow is the last day or recording. With any luck, John will have finished his assigned lyrics (basically, his songs and most of Martin's songs) and we'll be ready to go. We might have a curry to celebrate once we're through.

Nearly there...


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