Day Six: The waiting is the hardest part

On Wednesday I met up with James in the West End; we spent most of the time looking at Vox Teardrop guitars in Wunjo (did you know they had padded backs?), and James tells me he's got a couple of ideas for songs for the RPM challenge. Since James's songs are always slightly twisted (his performance in last year's RPM Challenge as The Horses of Instruction last year is proof enough), it'll be good to get some of those on board.

Real Life, unfortunately, interfered with any actual songwriting activity on Wednesday and Thursday, but it wasn't all bad news; I got home to find that our new EP (due out very soon) had arrived - 500 copies of the thing! They sound and look superb, and it'll be great to be able to start selling them at next week's launch party, which we're playing with The Features.

I hit another purple patch yesterday and started work on lyrics for some of the existing songs. As luck would have it, I managed to get an entire lyric finished, and another one partly done. I'm going to get Sharon to sing the finished one just to make sure it sounds okay; I hear her and John singing it in unison when wedo it properly, mind.

Inspiration struck again at about five o'clock this morning - if not for an actual song, then a concept. One of my favourite albums is Eno's Music For Airports, and the idea of writing a short tribute to that album as an interlude seemed like such a good idea, I remembered it when I woke up again this morning - it even has a title; Brian At The Airport. I'll drag the MicroKorg out and press a few keys to see what I can do.

But as the title and Tom Petty both suggest, the waiting is the hardest part. We have rehearsal on Tuesday, but the bulk of that is going to be for Wednesday's gig. Although we're bound to get some more stuff done in rehearsal, it does mean we only have one full rehearsal (and two in total) to dedicate to RPM before we go in and start recording. We're having an informal session round mine in about ten days, by which point we should have all the songs in place. If we don't...well, it'll be tough.


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