Day Twenty-Eight: Title Needed.

Aaaand we're done. Eleven songs. 40 minutes. Two fulls days in the studio this weekend; overdubs, vocals, synths etc on Saturday, mixing on Sunday, though we weren't all there for that. We ran over the allotted studio time by one hour to mix the very last song, but it was worth the extra 20 quid. I'm just listening to the finished version, and am pretty much in agreement with John, who thinks it's actually better than our first album. And maybe our second album, which we haven't finished yet. Either way, we like it enough that we're going to put it up on iTunes and press up 100-odd CDs to sell at gigs. Yeah.

We've got artwork nominated; three or four images from my first fumblings with a Holga. But we can't decide which one should be the front cover. Likewise, we don't have a title yet. We all got extremely drunk last night and tried variations on the letters RPM (Rapidly Produced Music? River Pollution Manifesto? Regret Pulling Martin?), but couldn't come to a consensus. The path of least resistance never yields anything worthwhile- that's how we ended up with such a terrible band name, cos it was the only one that none of us disliked - so we'll all have to like it.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll upload a couple of tracks to the jukebox, and John's posting the finished article to RPM HQ.

Well done everyone who's taken part (and lest we forget, John has made another album entirely on his own as Chandler D Obelisk parallel to the Flyers LP!). Maybe we'll do another one next year.


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