Day Fourteen: Stockpiling

Over the last couple of days, James and Martin have between them sent round six new songs, or song fragments. James insists he can never tell if a song sounds okay unless he demos it fully first. Fortuntely, most if not all of his songs sound brill, and the new ones are no exception, especially the newest one sent round called 'Slaves Of Stars'. Apart from that one, the others are incomplete, as are the two interesting bits that Martin sent round. Hopefully we can work out a way of stitching the songs together into something that sounds coherent and natural.

We've not had much of an opportunity to touch the RPM for the last couple of days or the weekend; we're still basking in the reflected glory of Wednesday's gig with The Features, pretty much agreed to be our greatest moment as a live band. Sweating our way through an energetic set in front of a sell-out crowd who seemed to have only good things to say about us was certainly a confidence booster; we even managed to make some money out of the whole thing! Mark from The Features liked us too.

Anyway, we're now fully focussed on spending the remaining fortnight getting this thing together. I think we can do it.


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